Opportunity Window


Industrial accounting robot implementations

90 000

20 000 000

Small & Medium Businesses users

transactions processed with our real-time robots last year


more transactions thanks to automated payment / reconciliation functionality

Participated in 3 acceleration programs, especially:

MIT Fintech Future Commerce award

EFMA 2016 Silver Medal (mBank mAccouting)

TOP 10 Hottest FinTech Startup

European Medal of
Business Centre Club

Best in Bank FinTech Implementation Award

EFMA 2017 Golden Medal (mBank mPower)


more new business acquisition thank to differentiation and value added offer in the online banking

UK : 41 Luke street Shoreditch EC2A 4DP London




Poland: Aleje Jerozolimskie 96, 00-807 Warsaw


[email protected]

How it works?

There is 150 million SMEs in the world currently underserved by accounting platforms and banks that CashDirector wants to address its services



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Our Numbers & Awards

SMEs are risky
and of 
low profitability


80% fail due to cashflow management problems


They cannot afford to hire finance managers neither purchase expensive ERP systems


SMEs have high loan rejection


Over the next 5-10 years, B2B will likely  to represent the majority of the workforce: this trend rapidly progresses


SMEs face the total worldwide trade finance gap of $1.6 trn


Growing # of SMEs = a higher revenue pool & increased scalability


Technology provides for efficient and scalable service and more accurate decision making (risk) tools

CashDirector Ecosystem

CashDirector is the important element of the SMEs banking ecosystem

Our Partner Łukasz Bystrzyński during presentation about CashDirector at CEE SME Banking Club Conference yesterday!


We are very pleased to inform that Łukasz Bystrzyński, until recently a senior partner at PwC CEE, has joined our team to support us in further dynamic development and achievement of ambitious business goals.


We took part in Finnovate


15/01/2019/at 12:14 pm

15/01/2019/at 12:14 pm

15/01/2019/at 12:14 pm


Over 100 FTEs. Combined experience in AI, banking, finance management, accounting automation,
enterprise software development.

MBA, Eng., 20 yr experience in management, PM, IT, process reengineering.

Al expert, investor, serial entrepreneur

MBA, Eng., 20 yr experience in management & business development. CIM, investor, serial entrepreneur


Rafał Strzelecki


Patrycja Strzelecka

Board of Advisors Director

Geoffrey Nicholson

30 yr business experience.

Senior positions in PwC BCG, 

Managing Int'l Business Development Partner

Luke Bystrzynski

24 yr experience in building and leading successful business. Ex PwC Partner, FS Lead


Robert Kaliszuk

10 yr experience in IT soft dev managament.  I automated accounting platforms impl for banks


Marlena Wieteska

15 yr experience in marketing strategy, cmms & digital.

Gamification expert

Operations Director

Anita Gołębiewska

10 yr experience in accounting outsourcing management.

Developed a Poland wide network

of accountants

DASHBOARD (SME perspective)
- summary of key information in real-time for SMEs to have at their “fingertips” all they need to know to manage business

According to our SME surveys carried out in different countries, general conclusions are almost the same.

They need more time to manage their business and finances.

Most of them continue to use manual, or less automated solutions.

On the other hand SMEs are not the “easiest” banking customers…

...at the same time, they are some key business opportunities to explore

Why SMEs?

SME profitable and less risky at the same time…


immediate lending, factoring...

ON-LINE real-time 


  • more accurate risk decision

  • early warning systems

  • x-selling

  • retention

  • 360 customer view


Automated bookings & returns

(on-line tax filing)


Issuing invoices, making payments, OCRs

"widget" in the

on-line banking

ON-LINE real-time




  • Flexible & interconnected modules

  • Comprehensive functionality

  • Real-time "support"

  • "Live" experts for difficult cases


Managing cash flows & finances

AI enabled Digital CFO for SMEs,
based on real-time accounting platform

accessible directly in the online banking

automates daily financial tasks

helps manage daily cash flow

provides easy access to financing when needed.



Private label platform for banks
to acquire more new business,
to activate more clients,

to implement Advanced Loans Underwriting
to increase SME portfolio monetization.

We are CashDirector - Digital CFO for SMEs

Our Team

Benefits for Banks

CashDirector legitimizes Bank's access to SME clients accounting data and provides better visibility of their financial situation, in the same time providing targeted offers of financing, based on real clients needs.

Banks provide SME clients with daily cash planner accessible directly from online banking.

More new business - Attract more new customers


More active clients - convert clients into a first bank account clients


More revenue  - increase monetization of existing Customer base


Build customer engagement, loyalty  and retention

Benefits for SMEs

Customers get Digital CFO they yet often can not afford to hire.

CashDirector books transactions in the real-time, plan cash flow, helps in invoicing, collecting money, registering expenses (photo, OCR), paying bills, planning daily cash flow, avoiding cash shortages, accessing financing when needed.

Avoid  cash liquidity problems in advance


Get bank financing quickly and easily when needed


Save time and money with automated accounting tools


Manage business financials easily in digital channel 

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